September 23, 2021

Cannibal Serial Killer Caught

Cannibal Serial Killer CaughtKaran Singh, 38 a resident of Guna district has been suspected to have hacked three people to their death in the past ten days. He is said to have killed two people in Madhya Pradesh and one is Rajasthan. The suspected cannibal serial killer was arrested in a joint operation by the Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan police on Tuesday. It was reported that Karan Singh drank the blood of his victims and ate the chopped up body parts of one of the victims. Investigators are suspecting that the killer may be responsible for more murders than the ones he has been caught for at the present time.

At the time of his arrest, Singh who was on the hunt for his fourth  victim, was tracked down in Rajasthan’s Barah district, close to the MP border where an angry mob was trying to hang him.

The Guna superintendent of police reported ly told TOI that now that they made the arrest at the correct time as otherwise Singh would have killed more people.

“We have seized six hefts (axe handles) and quilt of a victim with blood stains from the machan. It was a scary place,” said the SP.

Singh was a platform which had been erected on a tree in the deep woods area of the Semra village where he had been living for many years. The villagers told police, that Singh had murdered his own mother eight years ago and had drank her blood. He used to hunt wild animals and eat their raw meat.

“He is not revealing his actual name, but we got it confirmed with the help of villagers and wife of the first victim. She identified her husband’s quilt,” said the SP that the accused took the quilt with him after murder.

Singh allegedly committed his first murder at Guna’s Rampuria village on December 6 where he axed his victim to death while he was sleeping The victim’s name was Hariram Baba aged 45. Police were clueless about the case until a 32-year-old was found murdered at his farmland in Semra village on December 13

“Modus operandi was same in both the cases. Before we could have zeroed in on the suspect, another similar murder was reported from Barah village in Rajasthan on December 16. We activated our field intelligence and tracked him down,” said the SP.

Denisha Shadevan


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