January 21, 2022

Burn belly fat with ayurvedic remedies

lose-belly-fat-with-home-remedies-1Belly fat is one of the common issues most of us encounter. It primarily because of the present lifestyle and ignorance of devoid exercises. According to Ayurveda, belly fast can also be the effect of increased Kapha dosha. Consumption of an unhealthy diet like desserts, fatty food or stressful days increases kapha in the body.

However, these are the usual symptoms of obesity and other health issues can also be the reason for belly fat. It is when the fat tissues increase and block all the process in the digestive system, the person starts to gain more weight.
Shedding of the belly fat overnight is not an easy attempt. The natural remedy includes certain ingredients that can supplement to reach the desired result along with physical exercises.

Guggul has plant sterol called as gugglesterone which is part of Ayurveda from ages. The natural process promotes weight loss, cholesterol lowering herb is very effective when consumed as Guggul tea.

Triphala is mostly used for a dry cough but this powder is very powerful to eliminate toxin and improve digestion. It is ideal to mix this powder with hot water, two hours before dinner and after one hour of breakfast.

Cinnamon also known as dalchini, improves the body’s metabolism. Which is one of the best ways to cut belly fat. Having a cup of cinnamon tea early morning regularly can help to see positive results.

Curry leaves to improve the performance of stomach and small intestine. They can regulate non-insulin delimited by diabetes mellitus. Fresh curry leaves tent to reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL) and balance the good one (HDL) it can be consumed directly on food or in the form of juice post lunch or morning.


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