October 20, 2021
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BSF officials sell fuel and food, allege civilians

Just couple of days after a BSF soldier had alleged that the BSF officials working near the borders were not getting proper food materials and they were living in a shabby living condition, some civilians living near the border came up with new revelations, pasting a negative image on the high-profile officials of the BSF force, saying they were getting fuel and food materials meant for the BSF officials for a subsidised cost illegally. It was further alleged that several middle-men were working in the region to find the customers and connect the customers with the tainted officials who were selling the free supply provisions illegally. The new revelation made by the civilians living near the border region were publicised by a prominent national media. Meanwhile, the allegation levelled against the prestigious force was completely denounced by the officials working in the force. Experts say that it is a deliberate effort to taint the image of the prestigious force restlessly working for the wellbeing of the nation. A senior official of the force asserts that the force gives prime importance to the welfare of its members. The central home ministry has sought a quick enquiry report from the respective officials who are in charge of the region. It is learned that the new allegations levelled against the BSF officials have badly tainted the image of the force which is supposed to protect us from all dangers.


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