June 19, 2024
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Brahmins to organise protest in Mumbai to demand reservations and many other favours


Most probably inspired by the success story of the community of Marathas –the community which through its violent protests forced the Maharashtra government to give several favours including reservations in jobs and educational institutions, the community of Brahmins has decided to organise a protest most probably on next week to demand reservations and many other favours.     

Evidently, the community is not happy with the central government’s move to grand special reservations in jobs and educational institutions for the economically weaker section belong to the general category, as they are of the fear that the new provision may be challenged in the court as the provision stretches the reservation index above the 50 per cent limit as against the directive related to the subject of reservation by the country’s legal system.

Apart from reservations, the community has demanded that each retired priest should be granted a sum of Rs 5,000 per month as pension, as most priests earn no sufficient money for their living.

Another important demand of the community is: the demand for the formation of a special Financial Development Board for the financial growth of the community of Brahmins.

What should be learned from this politics of reservation?


Vignesh. S. G

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