August 20, 2022
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Blissrootz: The online world of Symphony

During this tough times of Covid 19 pandemic the world buzzing with conversations came to a screeching halt with everyone retreating to the safety of their homes. The internet became a necessity for essentials, education, fitness etc. Out of necessity, universities have made their courses accessible online. Necessity has pushed us past any preconceived notions about working from home and it rapidly became our new normal. It has been a collaborative effort from society to stay connected and active during a global pandemic and bring in a new way of working, a new normal.

During this confusion and chaos, Blissrootz was born. An idea based on the simple notion of spreading the magic and tranquility of music to homes during stressful times.

Starting out as an online hub for their music production on Facebook, their aim has always been to bring out the visionary side of people. To see what heights people can reach when they express their deep-seated fire and passion. Having created an entertainment media house during the instability of a global pandemic is no easy feat and it would not have been possible without the gems that work with us, located miles apart. With baby steps and one too many hurdles in between, they worked towards their vision with their team to encourage and empower individuals across the globe to envisage their passion.

Music has the innate ability to wash away the troubles and ignites our senses.

Bindu P Menon the Director of Blissrootz said “My love for music transcended into the idea of creating a platform to create and explore our deep-rooted musical talents. During the pandemic, our entertainment was reduced to electronic gadgets and we wanted to build a platform to inspire people to think outside the box and create masterpieces from the comfort of their homes. Our music and video production department has soared in the last eight months and the reactions we received have been overwhelming. This has enabled us to foresee the space for Blissrootz in the future and what we can provide to the society as a business entity”.

Blissrootz is expanding their horizons with more business opportunities, entering the world of app development, film production, and international collaborations.

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