June 28, 2022
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BJP Karnataka Prez welcomes recent SC order on rebel MLAs

B S Yeddyurappa, the BJP Karnataka state president and former Chief Minister, has welcomed the recent Supreme Court order in connection with the rebel MLAs, who recently filed their resignation before the speaker of the state legislative assembly.

The BJP Prez has termed the order that the revel MLAs should not be compelled to take part in the house proceedings as the moral victory of the rebel MLAs, who decided to walk away from the Congress-JD(S) camp which rules the state at present.

The order means that if a non-confidence motion is moved in this juncture the ruling camp stands no chance to overcome the motion.

At present, the ruling’s state in the assembly is less than 100, far less than what is required to prove its majority in the assembly. Even if the speaker decides to perform his right to vote in favour of the ruling, it cannot move a step beyond the mark of 101.

On the other hand, the single largest party in the Karnataka assembly, the BJP, has as many as 105 members in the house. With the newly gained support of two Independent lawmakers, the party’s strength now stands at 107, which is far better than the strength the Congress-JD(S) faction has in the assembly.

Election is the most practicable option available before the state. But, no one has openly demanded for that option yet.

Who fears the option of election?

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