April 20, 2024
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Bihar’s mega projects face threat from anti social elements


The mega projects of the Bihar government are being threatened by the antisocial elements in the state, like Maoists, extortionists, and criminals. Recently, the newly elected Nitish Kumar government had launched a big infrastructural development project to increase the transport connectivity in the under developed state. But, the antisocial elements are reportedly trying to distort the project by unnecessary creating violence in the project area. Reports say that, some criminal gangs had demanded huge levy from the construction companies, and they had even killed two engineering staffs when the company disagree to pay the money.It seems that the Maoist and other criminals are jointly working to loot the government money in the state. Experts claim that the Maoist would not allow big development projects in the region because it will be a threat to their existence. They would try to loot the companies that took the project because they are against the conglomerate system, they added. The Ganga Expressway and the Deedargani-Digha Expressway are the most-awaited and highly-anticipated project from the Bihar grand alliance. The Navayuga Engineering Company had taken the helm of the construction project, and was trying its best to bring out a great result till the criminals attacked the employees. According to the Company, the workers are hesitating to work in the late night schedule due to fear; and the company had sought police security to enhance the confidence of the workers. The total project will cost around three-thousand crores. If the labour problem will increase then the project cost will hike accordingly. Recently, the Deputy CM and RJD leader Tejashwi Prasad Yadav had visited the project area, and assured security to the labours.


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