April 22, 2024
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Bihar fails to tackle increasing ‘girl missing’ cases


Does our country’s law and order system reach up to the mark? A data, released by the Crime Records Bureau, stating that nearly 3037 girls went missing from Bihar last year, is answering the question rightly. As we all know, the traffickers mostly find their prey from the poverty-stricken regions. Unfortunately, Bihar is one of the poorest states in our country. Thus, it is highly vulnerable to the human trafficking crimes. It seems that the political executives of Bihar are not aware of this fact. If not, why did Bihar Home Minister Bijendra Prasad Yadav, when questioned by BJP leader 1 regarding the rapid rise of ‘girl missing cases’, say in the state assembly in a careless manner that most of the missed girls were grown up girls so they may not have been kidnapped forcefully. It is clear from his statement that this responsible government representative believes ‘love affairs’ is the main reason for this increasing ‘girl missing cases’, as it is a usual thing that when the girl elopes with his lover as a result of the ‘love affair’ her relatives file a ‘missing case’. But, countering the idle argument, some social workers ask if the love affair theory is true why there are still a large number of cases marked unresolved. In the city of Patna alone, nearly 656 ‘girl missing’ cases reported last year. How long can we take this issue lightly? Other states cannot simply mock at Bihar pointing out this details because there are several other states in the country where law and order system is even worse.The blame game will not work anymore. A strong policy must be formulated in the states where the girls are not safe. In order to achieve that the political workers working in different political parties should come forward crossing the party lines, which keeps them divided, along with the common public who want ensure that their sisters, mothers and daughters are no longer targeted.


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