April 18, 2024
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Back to homeland; Another 219 were deported from Ukraine

The Ganga rescue mission to repatriate Indians in Ukraine continues. Another 219 were deported from Ukraine. The group was brought back from Bucharest. The foreign ministry said 7,400 more would be repatriated today and tomorrow.

According to sources in the Ministry of External Affairs, 80 aircraft will return with Indians by March 10. At 8 am today, 14 aircraft carrying Indians will arrive at Delhi Airport and 2 Air Force planes will land at Hindan Air Base. More Air Force flights will depart for Poland and Romania today. Most of the students who escaped from Kiev and crossed the border will come to India in the coming days. At the same time, it is a relief that more Malayalee students in Kharkiv are able to board the train to the border.

‘Move in small groups, cooperate with soldiers’, Embassy warns. Meanwhile, the Ministry of External Affairs issued a similar warning to the Ministry of Defense. The suggestion is to be prepared to deal with an emergency. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs and the Indian Embassy have issued a stern warning to Indian students in Kharkiv. The embassy has issued new guidelines with stern instructions, making it clear that more severe attacks are likely to take place in Kharkiv. The embassy says all students should strictly follow these guidelines.

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