September 26, 2021
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Attack on judge in UP; Attempt was to kill him by hitting a vehicle

An attempt was made to attack a judge in Uttar Pradesh following the murder of a judge in Jharkhand. Fatehpur Pocso Court Judge Mohammad Ahmed Khan was tried to kill by hitting with an SUV.

Another judge has been attacked in Uttar Pradesh after the shock of the news that a judge was killed in a road accident in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. Judge Mohammad Ahmed Khan of the Fatehpur Pocso Special Court was attacked. The incident took place during a trip to Prayag Raj for official purposes. The SUV crashed into the vehicle in which the judge was traveling. He aimed his shotgun at the judge and shot him three times. The judge said in his complaint to the police that he escaped with a head injury. The judge’s security guard, who was in the car, was injured.

The judge later received death threats after the bail application of a Kaushambi national accused in the Pocso case was rejected last December. The complaint also alleges that the defendants in that case may have been involved in the current attack. Police said the driver of the SUV was arrested.

The Supreme Court had also voluntarily filed a case in the Jharkhand High Court following the murder of a judge. The case is being investigated by the SIT under the supervision of the High Court. The High Court has directed that the preliminary inquiry report be submitted to the SIT on August 3. The lawyer is now being attacked in UP as the impact of the incident continues.

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