December 8, 2023
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Assam to try ‘participatory budgeting system’


Deviating from the conservative procedures and models, the newly elected Assam government is likely to try the participatory budgeting system.With the implementation of this model, the government will lend ears to public opinion while formulating the budgetary policies. That means, the budget will possess a participatory character and will incorporate the suggestions of public.Earlier, the budget formulation was considered as an elite’s subject. For this purpose, the ruling parties only consulted pressure groups and political parties traditionally.Experts say that this is a revolutionary change. They added that the participatory budgetary system would enable the ruling government to understand people’s needs and to formulate policies to meet those requirements.

The advertisements about the new development were publicised through the Medias, and the same seeks suggestions from the general public.It is learned that the suggestions can be submitted to the government’s official email mentioned in the advertisement.It is said that hereafter the government is looking forward to formulating a public opinion aggregation program. For this purpose, the government will ask the deputy commissioner of each district of the state to conduct meetings and seminars.Earlier, on last month, the BJP had overthrown the Tarun Gotgi’s government, making Sarbananda Sonowal as the new Chief Minister of Assam, with an astounding victory.Since then, the state government is witnessing some radical changes in the public policies. Some of them have received wide acceptance within a short period of time.Anyway, the BJP-led state government is scheduled to present its first budget in Assam on July 26.


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