July 18, 2024

Ask the Beauty Expert?

How often should I use a foot file on my dry skin?

If you want to remove dead skin using a foot file, it’s best to do it gradually. Use a file twice a week, while being careful not to over-file. The process should most definitely NOT be painful in anyway. Make sure you wash and dry the file after use, too.

How body lotion differs from face moisturizers?

Body lotion has thicker consistency than face lotion. While it is true that both types of lotion are used to moisturize the skin, most people need a different level of moisturizing on the face than with the hands. This is because the facial area tends to contain sections that already exude a fair amount of natural oils. The thicker texture of hand lotion allows the product to more effectively treat the rough patches many people develop on knuckles and palms, since a residue will cling to the hands even after washing. By contrast, using this thicker lotion on the facial skin is likely to clog pores and create skin problems.

How can I tighten sagging skin on my face?

Cost-effective answer: Egg Whites. Whip up an egg white and brush on face. Let dry 15-20 minutes. Spray water to soften and then wash off. I would suggest getting a couple of ice cubes, and with circular motions, rub the ice cubes all over your face. You will be refreshed and look like you had an expensive facial procedure. Follow with a good moisturizer.



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