October 6, 2022

Banana peel good for skin


Banana is a very common fruit available in the country. It has several nutritional benefits. Many studies have confirmed that.

When it is thought about banana the only thing that comes to mind is the tasty part found inside the fruit once it is peeled off, no one thinks about the peel or skin.

It is time to rethink. A latest study discovers that banana peel is at least three times more nutritious than the tasty portion found inside this fruit.

Banana peel is the storehouse of several rare nutrients and minerals. It is the anti-oxidants that present in this part of banana that makes it more useful than the tasty portion normally eaten.

It is proved that banana peel is a best natural remedy for several skin conditions including psoriasis and warts.

Next time, think twice before throwing banana peel away.

Stay Healthy! Health is Wealth!!!



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