February 4, 2023
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Arrested Minister Made 3 Calls To Mamata Banerjee, Starting 2.30 AM: Cops

Following his detention, West Bengal Minister Partha Chatterjee called Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee three times, but according to a record, none of his calls were returned. According to Partha Chatterjee’s “Arrest Memo,” the 70-year-old made a phone call to a “relative/friend whom the person held in custody intended to tell” and opted to speak with his boss Mamata Banerjee.

He made his first call at 2.33 am, some time after his arrest at roughly 1.55 am. The note states, “He contacted her but she didn’t take his call.” Mr. Chatterjee tried calling again at 3.37 and 9.35 in the morning, but to no avail.

Any accused person is permitted, according to the police, to call a friend or relative to let them know they have been arrested. The entire incident has been refuted by the Trinamool Congress. There was “no question,” according to the party’s Firhad Hakim, that the detained minister would telephone Mamata Banerjee because his phone was in the possession of the Enforcement Directorate.

The Bengali Education Minister, Mr. Chatterjee, was taken into custody on Saturday on suspicion of money laundering in connection with a school employment scandal. The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education accused him of participating in alleged irregularities in the hiring of teachers and other teaching personnel at government-sponsored and aided institutions.

Later, some 20 crore in cash was discovered at the home of Arpita Mukherjee, a close aide of Mr. Chatterjee.

Soon after being placed in the custody of the Enforcement Directorate, Mr. Chatterjee was hospitalised because he had been feeling uneasy. He should be removed from the state-run SSKM hospital in Kolkata, where he was known to impose his authority as a strong minister, according to the Enforcement Directorate’s petition to the court.

Mr. Chatterjee was transported to AIIMS-Bhubaneswar by air ambulance this morning as per the Calcutta High Court’s directive. Additionally, the court requested that he be electronically brought before it today once the hospital had examined him.

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