July 15, 2024
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Amid Measles Surge, Kerala District To Vaccinate All Children By December 5

By December 5, all kids in the Malappuram district would have received their doses of the measles and rubella vaccines, according to Saturday’s statement from District Collector V R Premkumar.

The Kerala government had asked parents to make sure that their children receive vaccinations without fail after a surge in measles infections among children in the Malappuram district. Measles, also referred to as “ancham pani” locally, primarily affects children. Measles transmission, according to Mr. Premkumar, can only be stopped by vaccination.

Premkumar asked everyone in attendance at a district development meeting to get involved in putting preventive measures into place. He also threatened to take harsh action against anyone spreading false information against vaccination.

In a press release, the Malappuram district authorities stated that the use of masks and sanitizers has been made obligatory in schools and Anganwadis as part of the preventive measures. K Renuka, the district medical officer, informed the gathering that a total of 140 cases of the measles had been documented in the district as of this point.

According to the press release, 1,16,994 youngsters in the state have not yet received their second dose of immunisation.

The announcement stated that 776 kids from the Kalpakanjeri district, where the majority of cases have so far been reported, have not yet received the vaccine.

On Wednesday, the Union Health Ministry requested that states take into consideration giving all children between the ages of nine months and five years who reside in at-risk areas an additional dosage of the measles and rubella vaccines.

In order to coordinate preventive actions, an Additional Director (public health) has already been sent to the district, according to health minister Veena George, who also stated that the department was taking tight precautions to prevent the disease.

Measles is a virus infection that primarily affects young children and is most common in children between the ages of six months and three years. Teenagers and adults, however, are also afflicted by the illness.

In order to assess and handle the rise in measles cases among youngsters in these places, the Centre earlier this week sent high-level teams to Malappuram, Ranchi (Jharkhand), and Ahmedabad (Gujarat).

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