June 24, 2024
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Air India Announces Annual Appraisals And Target Bonuses For Pilots

Air India announced annual salary increases for its staff on Thursday, along with the introduction of a yearly target performance bonus for pilots, according to sources. This marks the first appraisal process since the Tata Group took over the struggling airline over two years ago. Ravindra Kumar GP, Air India’s CHRO, revealed that salary increments will be effective from April 1, 2024, and performance bonuses for FY 2023-24 will be based on both company and individual performance.

Air India is currently undergoing a five-year transformation plan aimed at revamping the airline, and the salary increments are part of efforts to attract and retain talent by fostering a performance-driven, meritocratic culture. The airline, which has approximately 18,000 employees, has initiated annual appraisals for all employees who joined before December 31, 2023, including ground staff, cabin crew, and pilots. These appraisals are based on a new Performance Management System called Rise.AI. The exact range of the overall increment has not been disclosed.

This is the first staff appraisal since the Tata Group’s acquisition of Air India in January 2022. Last year, the company focused on compensation and contract restructuring for legacy employees. Along with the fixed pay increase for FY 2023-24, an annual target performance bonus for pilots, based on both company and individual performance, will be introduced starting FY 2024-25.

CHRO Kumar highlighted that in the previous financial year, Air India achieved significant milestones in establishing a solid foundation for growth and transformation. As part of the Vihaan.AI initiative, the airline implemented a modern annual performance appraisal process, Rise.AI, and shifted to a streamlined, market-competitive, productivity-focused compensation structure. In late 2022, Air India launched the five-year transformation plan Vihaan.AI. The Air India group includes four airlines: Air India, Air India Express, AIX Connect (formerly AirAsia India), and Vistara. Air India Express is merging with AIX Connect, and Vistara will be merging with Air India.

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