November 30, 2023
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92 Fossil Nests Belonging To India’s Largest Dinosaurs Uncovered: Report

Researchers from the University of Delhi in New Delhi and associates were able to draw conclusions regarding these dinosaurs’ dietary preferences after thoroughly examining these nests. They discovered six unique egg species, indicating a greater diversity of titanosaurs than is represented by local skeleton remains.

The team deduced that these dinosaurs hid their eggs in shallow holes like contemporary crocodiles based on the arrangement of the nests.

Pathologies identified in the eggs, including a rare instance of “egg-in-egg,” suggest that titanosaur sauropods had a reproductive system similar to birds’, and they may have set their eggs sequentially like modern birds.

Numerous nests in one location indicate that these dinosaurs, like many modern birds, engaged in colonial nesting behaviour.

The lack of space for adult dinosaurs in the nests, however, supported the theory that adults abandoned the hatchlings (newborns) to fend for themselves.

According to the researchers, these fossil nests are from a period just before the end of the dinosaur era and provide a plethora of information on some of the largest dinosaurs in recorded history.

The discoveries considerably advance palaeontologists’ knowledge of the existence and evolution of dinosaurs, they continued.

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