January 21, 2022

Ask the Smile Expert

nechupadamMy smile is a crooked one my front teeth is very short and when I smile my side teeth are visible than the front teeth. I am 45 years old and have lost the confidence in smiling. Can you suggest me a fast effective treatment plan for giving me a good smile?
A: The visibility of front teeth is a major factor in a good smile. From your description we understand that you have a reverse smile arc with less visibility of front teeth. The length and the position of teeth may have to be altered to make a good smile. An oral rehabilitation procedure with correction of vertical height and the smile arc correction can be done within 7-10 days’ time. This could be an effective choice of treatment to improve smile and confidence.

I have a number of teeth with dark spots among the upper and lower front teeth. These were identified as dental decay and were filled many a times. Now these areas are brownish black and when smile the teeth looks ugly and broken. Please suggest a permanent solution as I am fed up of fillings and refilling my teeth.
A: Your teeth are vulnerable and have many caries spots which were filled. But when you have increased caries activity we need to check for all the teeth for any caries and treat them too instead of correcting the front teeth only. This will prevent further decay as the bacterial population in the mouth declines. The front teeth may need Veneers or crowns to improve aesthetics which could be done in just two appointments and in 4-5 days.

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