June 14, 2024
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5 Best Leaders of Kpop Groups

Leaders are the one who lead a group and struggles for a group to gain all the success through all the aspects. Kpop groups too have their respective leaders who take care of the group even facing lots of struggles and pain. Lets go through 5 best Kpop group leader.

5  Taeyong (NCT)

Lee Tae-yong professionally known by the mononym Taeyong, is best known as a member and leader of the boy band NCT. His past, which became the talk of netizens, made him carefully so as not to cause problems for the group. He also knows when to joke and when to be serious. He joined SM Entertainment in 2012 and debuted with NCT in 2016, which means he trained for 4 years total. Besides being leader, he’s also NCT’s main rapper, dancer, vocalist, center, and visual.

4 Irene (Red Velvet)

As the leader and also the oldest member of Red Velvet, Irene has continued to take care of her members through small acts of kindness that can easily be overlooked. Red Velvet’s members often praise Irene for being such a good listener. Irene always does her best to protect the members from any potential mishaps. Irene is determined to keep her members healthy.

3 Bang Chan (Stray Kids)

He joined JYP Entertainment in 2010 during their auditions in Australia, and trained for about 8 years before debuting with Stray Kids in 2018. Besides being leader, he’s also the main producer, lead vocalist, lead dancer, and sub-rapper of the group.

2 Namjoon(RM, BTS)

Namjoon, anonymously know by the stage name RM is the leader of one of the popular Kpop boy group BTS. RM is a well-rounded leader in that he not only leads the group, but also works behind the scenes producing music as well. Everytime one of the members accomplishes something great he’s so proud and so happy for them. He always compliments them and makes them feel better. He truly loves the other members, and often appreciates them even more than himself.

1 Suho (EXO)

Leader of a K-Pop group are entrusted a lot of responsibilities. It’s not an easy task, especially if the role entails taking care of every member. Suho is the lead vocalist of EXO. Suho is, currently, on hiatus and serving in the military. Suho always had an eye out for his members, keeping them in check whenever they got too unruly or enjoyed themselves too much. He’s known as an earnest leader who remains level-headed even in tough situations, always staying positive under pressure. He has been proving to be more than capable of being EXO’s leader ever since its debut.

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