December 11, 2023
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CBI set to investigate infamous ponzi scam

The Central Bureau of Investigation is set to investigate the ponzi scam, one of the most notorious cybercrime crimes even happened in India. It is believed that the perpetrators of the infamous crime swindled nearly five hundred crore rupees from their customers who fell into their trap. An interesting fact is that it is a Ghaziabad-based company which committed this huge cybercrime. Another important fact is that some popular Bollywood celebrities were the promoters of the website run by this company. In a report published in a leading national daily, it is said that the victims were offered money by the customers for clicking on online advertisements. The report says that the money was given in the form of bitcoins. The report further adds that at a juncture the company ceased paying the money without giving any explanation or notice to the customers who invested time in this job. It is learned that most of the customers who invested in the company expected a huge return. Recently, the Allahabad High Court has directed the Central Bureau of Investigation to take over the charge of the investigation. In the recent days, India has witnessed several cyber crimes related cases. It is not clear how efficient is the country’s cyber crime investigation wing. Anyway, the government should create a strong cyber army to protect our cyberspace as the country is aggressively marching towards the digital world.A safe cyberspace is the prime element of a productive digital economy. If we dream of transforming our economy in accordance with the need of the time, we should make our cyberspace safe.


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