February 23, 2024

100 positive news of 2018

Positive is happiness. Positive is good. Yet, it is the least encouraged thing in the news industry. lets erase that habit with the flood of positive news.

In this part, the effort to bring forth positive news is continued sincerely.

Here are 100 positive news of 2018:

Part 1


News 11

Newly developed device can generate clean water from the air –even in arid deserts.

News 12

Baby born following uterus transplantation from deceased donor.

News 13

The world’s first artificial iris implant has been approved to repair damaged eyes.

News 14

The UK went 1,000 hours without using coal for the first time in history.

News 15

NASA’s InSight Lander successfully touched down on Mars.

News 16

Low-cost, printable, solar panels have been launched in Australia.

News 17

The brain region associated with the loss of pleasure seen in depression was identified.

News 18

Researchers utilize artificial photosynthesis to clean air and products energy simultaneously.

News 19

The United States switched on 179 megawatts of solar power generators in Nevada.

News 20

Japan becomes the world’s first nation to land rovers on an asteroid surface.


To be continued.

Part 3



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