Published On: Fri, May 15th, 2015

Transparent Smartphones

Unique Times-Transparent Smartphones

Unique Times-Transparent Smartphones

Inventors , Jung Won Seo, Jae-Woo Park, Keong Su Lim, Ji-Hwan Yang and Sang Jung Kang, who are scientists at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, have created the world’s first transparent computer chip. The chip was known as TRRAM or transparent resistive random access memory. The technology could enable the windows or mirrors in your home to be used as computer monitors and television screens. The benefits of this is that is creates total see-through in the electronic system.  Now the inventors would be soon bring transparent smartphones and giving technology a new and higher level. This technology will be available within 3 to 4 years.


Harsham Sunder

Photo courtesy: Google



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Transparent Smartphones