‘Living my dreams’ : Interview with Sanam Prasad

Sanam Prasad, professionally known as Sanam Shetty is an actress working hard in the film industry. She has acted in 10 film and striving further to live her dreams. She is the first runner up of Parfum Monde Dubai Confident Group Miss South India. Sanam opens up in this interview.

Tell us about your work in film industry. What is your dream role?

My experience in the South film industry starts with Tamil followed by Malayalam, currently I am doing Telugu films. I’m quite happy and sometimes surprised at the fact that I have made it this far. Though I would still consider myself as an upcoming actor, I’m still lucky to have 10 film releases in a span of 3 years.
My dream role would be that of Roja by Mani Ratnam. The character has somehow remained fresh in my memory for the versatile layers of emotions that was portrayed. Truly timeless!

You have done 10 films and you have participated in Miss South India contest. Tell us about this journey.

I have done 10 films, but I’m not content. There is a whole world out there for me to explore and bigger challenges. But I was a successful model before trying my hand in acting. I never received the  opportunity to get grooming through a pageant and this time I thought I should give it a shot. My experience of being part of Miss south India beauty pageant will forever be cherished for every I have learned, and for the good friends I have made. It’s been a privilege to have been part of it. For this I would like to thank Mr. Ajith Ravi from Pegasus events who offered the beautiful opportunity.

Who is your role model in fashion and in film industry?

My role model in fashion has been Priyanka Chopra. Hailing from a small town she took the whole fashion fraternity by storm and represented us in the World pageant and won. She is also a role model in films as she turned the whole industry to her favor only through sheer hard work and dedication. A truly self made superwoman!




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‘Living my dreams’ : Interview with Sanam Prasad