September 25, 2022
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World celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

2017317-rft-dogtown-st-patricks-parade-226-lrSt Patrick’s Day is globally celebrated of Irish heritage on March 17 in honour of St Patrick, Ireland’s greatest patron Saint. Around, the world, it possesses a culture to wear green, follow the merriment at the local party, spirited parades, shamrock festooned and pub with friends and strangers alike.
A bit about St Patrick?

Patrick was born in 385 A.D in Ireland when it was still a pagan territory. At his 16, the British born Patrick was carried to Ireland as a slave. He escaped six years following and became a priest.

He gradually returned to the island and began to transform the natives to Christianity. He is the patron saint of Ireland and as such is invoked to protect the spiritual and globally an inspirational per for the island its people. His last breath was in 461 A.D

Celebrating St.Patrick’s Day

St.Patrick’s day is a national holiday in Ireland. All the business are closed for a day. The holiday has a stronger religious tone, especially Catholic country.

According, to the US Census, for about 32. 6 million US citizens alleged Irish ancestry in 2017. Which means its six times the population of Ireland. The event is more of secular type, The first St Patrick’s day was celebrated in the United States of Boston in 1737 and from then, it just started to spring.

Apart from other states include of New York, Dallas, Denver, New Orleans, Savannah, Georgia, Dublin and Chicago in the United States. Boston city influence of Irish throws a great parade every year.


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