September 25, 2022

Should we appeal for Universal Health Cover system?


It is a relevant question which genuinely deserves a rational introspection. How we answer that question depends on how much difficulty we face in our life due to the raise of medical expenses. Those who have faced serious financial difficulties in their lives due to medical emergencies at least once can understand the reason why it is important to establish the system of Universal Health cover.

Nowadays, each person spends a considerable portion of his/her salary almost each month to meet his/her medical expense or his/her family’s medial expense.

Why can’t our governments say that they are ready to assist their citizens to meet their medical expenses? When most of these deadly disease conditions are the outcomes of poor public health policies, how can our governments ignore their responsibility to help their citizens with their medical expenses?

Let this be a wakeup call! Universal Health Coverage is a need of the hour! Let’s fight for it!



Vignesh. S. G

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