May 27, 2022
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Why Did BJP Fail in Kerala?

Hindus constituting the largest community in Kerala, and the RSS being quite active and prevalent in the State, still, BJP has not been able to get electoral success. According to a common voter’s view, she clearly states why BJP has failed in Kerala. While BJP concentrated their attention more on the upper and middle-class people, CM’s group concentrated more on the common daily-waged people.

It is true that when top MNC’s come to the state, here the peoples’ standard of living might increase, but it was during Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s time that the worst flood of the century had come up, followed by the Nipah virus, again the flood and then now the Covid-pandemic. So during such a crisis, it’s clearly understandable that bringing up an MNC is not practically possible. But even during such uncertain times, the CM’s government stood for the people by making sure they don’t starve for this they supplied free kits, even in the hospitals’ free services and tests were being provided.

Health Minister KK Shailaja had put forward many programs like the “Aardhram” and many others which aim to stop women and child abuse. Even though it’s from the central government, in order to bring it down to Kerala it wouldn’t have been possible without the initiative from the Kerala government.

She also didn’t forget to blame Shobha Surendran who had earlier commented on the CM saying that he hasn’t grown enough to challenge the RSS people in India. But now he challenges the trillions of people in Kerala right now and won 100 seats. It is not that Central Government has not done anything for Kerala, but the BJP leaders of Kerala have not been able to bring the Central Government projects to Kerala. Not saying that they are one hundred percent sure that they are implementing and enforcing the projects there. But for some reason, our central government is not bad. But the schemes for the common people employed by the Central Government were not reached out to people in Kerala by BJP workers or RSS people in Kerala for even 50 percent.

It doesn’t matter if you blame the LDF or the UDF. The government has a few more informed people with these accusations. None of these accusations can create a future in politics anymore. Ramesh Chennithala started blaming Pinarayi Vijayan when he came to power, but he could not win even 50 seats now. We need to be able to convince people that we can do what no other political party can do. If you win it in front of them, the votes will surely reverse.

Why did the Communist Party, which had committed so many political assassinations, win so many votes? Because they were able to convince people. OK, we’re standing together, but think about it. The BJP has the largest number of youth organizations and even then the BJP has not been able to put any youth in front.

You have to work hard for the next five years, and it doesn’t matter if you go on another channel and blame other parties. The linkage you have is terribly bad, and you should contact the center directly for help. Also, You need a leader in Kerala. You cannot vote just because you have a status called Hinduism. Hinduism is not a strategy, it is a culture. How many years have passed since the launch of the so-called Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana? There is no need to go to Pinarayi Vijayan’s Life Mission. There must have been given at least 5 houses in a panchayat, through the scheme. Similarly, Jandhan Yojana. Why do people in our villages not take Jan Dhan Yojana? This is a scheme that gives credit up to Rs.10,000 to the common man without any strings attached, but none was utilized. Again Ayushman Bharat Yojana… Your activities should go down to other maternity patients in government hospitals. Still many children are homeless and do not have the opportunity to study. Provide appropriate assistance to people in need.

A lot of informed people are coming to the BJP these days like doctoral candidates and the IAS. But none of these people’s words come into action.

Ordinary people in Kerala do not know the even names of the 5 schemes of the Prime Minister. But they are by heart by the schemes of Pinarayi Vijayan. Then you say whatever the Pinarayi government gives, you will say that it was given by the Center, but why can’t you convince people that it was given by the Center?

Millions of people still trust the BJP and why it could not win a single seat. People will get tired if you continue to do this kind of activity.

Couldn’t the people of this place have been helped by some scheme of the Central Government when it comes to Corona and flood? You need to learn a lot about this and do what needs to be done in each ward and each booth. You have to figure out where you went wrong and come back next year to win at least four seats. Likewise, you can open at least one or two accounts for the next five years.

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