April 16, 2024
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Uttarakhand Govt crisis: Congress decides to defend, plans to approach court

 It seems that the grand old party of our country, the Congress party, decided to defend the Central government’s decision to impose President’s rule in Uttarakhand. According to reports, the Congress party on today will approach the High Court of the state to seek judicial assistance against the, so called, injustice. At the same time, the nine rebel MLAs of the congress party from the state, who reportedly plotted the instability crisis, is expected to approach the High Court of the state to defend disqualification move. Earlier, on last day, the rebel MLAs of the congress party were disqualified by the speaker using anti-defection law that prevents a particular elected member from voting against his parent party in the house. The President’s rule was imposed in the state on last day at the behest of the BJP-led central government. It is learned that the cabinet meeting held on last day had cleared the motion seeking president’s rule in Uttarakhand. Later, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley met President with the cleared recommendation and elucidated the supremo about the motives behind the imposition of the direct President’s rule in the state. Meanwhile, last week, a sting operation had unearthed the dirty house-trading practices practiced by the congress led Uttarakand government to sustain the non-confidence motion. As per reports, the sting operation reports have prompted the centre to establish immediate imposition of the president’s rule. Experts claim that the ruling congress government would have passed the non-confidence motion if they were allowed to face it. It is said that the congress even expressed complete confidence to face an election at the nearest date. However, the congress named the situation the murder of democracy and asserted that the video is tactically manipulated by the opponents to derail the people’s faith and confidence on the government.


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