April 20, 2024
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Using “Mohenjo Daro Harappan technique,” a leopard was rescued from an open well

Online videos recently have shown leopards being saved from open wells, and conservationists have been warning about the threats to wildlife.

Indian Forest Service employee Susanta Nanda uploaded a similar video on Saturday. The leopard is lifted into a lowered cot in the video footage. The big cat climbs up the well quickly as the cot reaches the top, growling as it does so.

Nanda added that if wells near animal habitats are shut down, these incidences will decline. He also labelled the outdated method of saving the leopard “Mohenjo Daro Harappan technology,” mocking it. “Another day, using Mohenjo Daro Harappan technique, a leopard was rescued from an open well once more. Only when we seal the open wells near animal habitats can this be stopped, according to Nanda.

On Twitter, the video has received more than 38,000 views. For the rescue, forest department employees received praise online. In addition, some users recommended covering open wells to protect children and wildlife.

“The leopard appears appreciative because it left without doing any damage. Hats off to the forest service,” one user wrote. “This should be taken as a mission mode project, identification, GPS tagging of open wells, and covering them from top with Mild Steel screen or checkerboard locally manufactured jali by welding thick MS rods,” another user remarked. The hassle will be much reduced.

Nanda posted a video last week of a leopard being lifted from an open well in Maharashtra while it was confined in a cage. He had warned them to cover unprotected wells.

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