December 6, 2023
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UNAIDS report recognises Indian pharma sector’s contribution in HIV treatment

In its latest report, the UNAIDS has said that now nearly half of all people who are living with the HIV have now access to the proper medication and treatment. Moreover, it is an interesting thing to note that the Indian pharmaceutical companies play a major role in helping the International agency meet its target related to the accessibility of the proper medication and treatment. The more interesting thing is that this is the first time that the global agency has recognised India’s contribution to meet the agency’s target formally. At this moment, nearly 36.7 million people are suffering from the disease globally. Nearly 19.5 of this 36.7 million people have access to the antiretroviral therapy, the only effective treatment available at this juncture to help the patients to control the terminal disease condition effectively. The disappointing fact is that nearly 1.8 million new HIV cases are being reported annually. The more disappointing thing is that India is one of the ten countries which are home to 95% of the total HIV cases in the globe. Though the HIV and AIDS related death cases are decreasing every year, the world has not yet fully recovered from the threat posed by this dreaded disease. Experts say that the International organisations and those ten countries which are highly vulnerable to the situation have to articulate feasible policies to eradicate the disease from the earth.


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