August 14, 2022
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Tips for monsoon skin care

The sunny days are over. Rain is finding it’s way into our territories and while we buck up to keep our skin and equipments dry, Our days during the monsoon can be quite adventurous owing to the number of times we get wet in the heavy shower. It is very important  to care for our outer protective layer, the skin. In order to do that, it is time to revisit the old school “cleanse, clear and moisturise” method. Here are some tips with which you can preserve your looks

  • One of the major reasons why our skin looks dull during the monsoon is because of the dirt that is settling on our skin layer. So wash your face every chance you get to continue with the skin glow.
  • Do not underestimate the cloudy days for the skin protection process. Always wear the sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.
  • Avoid heavy makeup during monsoon. The chemicals might end having the opposite of what intend to do in order to look good. Wearing heavy makeup will also make your skin susceptible to dirt and chemicals.
  • Proper moisturising process is mandatory as dry skin does not imply health. Dry skin can lead to cracks and pores, thus, the aging process will be accelerated with the appearance of wrinkles at a very young age.  Rinse your face with handkerchief or tissue soaked in water, then press dry kerchief over it to such out extra water. This to keep the skin free from oil and dirt and thus, fungal infections could be avoided.
  • Treat your skin with Papaya pulp, a natural means to have a healthy and oil free skin.
  • Apply aloe vera juice, before sleeping or ten minutes before bathing as it helps in both moisturising and for skin pH.
  • Restoring the normal pH of your skin plays a major role in order to do absolute maintenance and to avoid the unnecessary microbes settling on them. Treat your skin with lavender oil or turmeric/milk combinations based on the oiliness/dryness of the skin. Add few drops of lavender oil in cold water and apply it on oily skin. Turmeric-water combination is a popular method for combating the microbes and treating the dry skin.

Let these tips add an adventurous flavour to your monsoon days.

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