May 30, 2024

The last single advice you need on time management

Then, there is aging. When we age, we initially have an excitement of moving up the time ladder. More and more independence comes our way and the excitement of ‘growing’ is in every neuron in our body. The excitement dies down somewhere down the line and the inflection point is somewhere around thirty years, when we built in a ‘subtle sadness’ of the fact that we are ‘growing old’. The general tendency is to look at ‘those good days’,’ when I was your age’ and starts sounding a tad boring for some of the folks listening to us. Then, of course, the war stories creep – “You know this incident when I…” and interestingly we ignore the ‘there he goes again ….’ glances around us.
That is the funny part! Then, there is the romantic part where our five senses send a pulse when we have a déjà vu experience. That taste, that sight, that familiar smell Our minds then move into quickly to place the similar experience of the past and then there is ‘wistful blue’ fleeting though your mind and the all too familiar ‘ache in the heart’. What does that tell you? We never cease to be our young selves. Age seldom hits our mind when we are silently sitting along and flirting with our solitude. It is only when we are amongst others that we are silently reminded of the sundry years of the past. Within ourselves, we are the toddlers, who loved to play with trivial things, ask the naïve questions and had our lives full of dream, ambition and hope.So the recipe for remaining young – think young , feel young and the final secret ingredient – spend some time with yourself – once in a while …

The mind never switches off. Reaching a mental stasis of work life balance is a concept of the past. Modern technology never lets you switches off and switch on, but it helps you to make the best of time! Mind does not need to sleep to rest, it just needs to be fed and nurtured. The more your use it, it develops like a muscle, the faster you complete things and helps you find more time! A good night’s sleep helps you rest and clarify the mind. The greatest conundrum of all is – The busier you get with engaged work, the more time your will uncover for yourself!


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