July 17, 2024
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The Center will have to rescind Agnipath as well, much like farm laws: Rahul

Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, described his grilling by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) as a “minor thing” and asked his party’s leaders and members to protest the Agnipath project instead, which he claimed would “weaken the Armed Forces.” He stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would also have to “withdraw” the recruitment plan in light of the removal of the agriculture laws.

Rahul remarked, speaking to party leaders and employees who had come at the AICC headquarters to show support for him following his ED questioning: “They are weakening our Army, which would cause the country to suffer, and they call themselves nationalists. Leave the ED problem alone; it is a minor matter. But our young people, who work so hard to join the military, represent patriotism… It is our duty to safeguard the future of our children.

“I had stated that Modiji would have to withdraw the Bills with regard to the farmers… The Bills weren’t returned, right? Currently, the Congress party is claiming that Narendra Modi must rescind the new Agnipath programme. Every young person in India would be seen supporting us because they understand that true patriotism entails bolstering rather than diminishing the Army, he remarked.

In a money laundering case involving the National Herald newspaper, Rahul was questioned by the ED for 50 hours over the course of five days. While the ED has been accused by the Congress of bullying him by delaying his interrogation for days, the investigation agency claims that he has been unable to respond to crucial case-related questions.

Rahul claimed that despite many hours of questioning in a room measuring “approximately 12 feet by 12 feet,” ED officials asked him about the “secret” to his patience and vigour. “They urged me to remain seated for hours on end, saying that they had grown exhausted if I did. They questioned me about the source of my energy, he stated, adding that he credited Vipassana meditation for it.

The real fact, though, is that I wasn’t by myself in that space. I was surrounded by millions of Congress leaders and employees. Additionally, I have people that work to defend our democracy. They might not have received the ED’s special invitation, but they were nonetheless present, the man added.

As he pointed to senior leaders Sachin Pilot and Siddaramaiah on the dais, where Rajasthan Chairman Minister Ashok Gehlot and Karnataka Congress chief D K Shivakumar were also seated, Rahul added, “Nobody knows the virtue of patience more than Congress leaders and workers.”

“Since 2004, I have worked with the Congress… What if I’m impatient instead? Watch Sachin PiIot while he sits. Siddaramaiahji and I are both seated. We learn patience at our party because it prevents us from getting exhausted. There is no need for patience on the opposing side of the fence. Simply keep your hands folded, avoid speaking the truth, and bow down to complete your duties, he said.

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