May 25, 2024
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Unveiling the Mercedes-Benz Three-Pointed Star: A Symbol of Mastery Across Sea, Air, and Land

The Mercedes-Benz emblem, a timeless three-pointed star enclosed in a circle, is instantly recognizable worldwide. But have you ever wondered about the meaning behind this iconic symbol? In this blog, we’ll unravel the fascinating history and significance of the Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star, which represents the company’s mastery in three vital domains: the Continue Reading
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“Even I Can’t Afford Your Car”: Nitin Gadkari To Mercedes-Benz

On Friday, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari requested that German luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz create more vehicles domestically, emphasising that doing so will lower costs while also improving affordability. Gadkari, the Minister for Road Transport and Highways, stated that there is a sizable market for electric vehicles in the nation while speaking during the unveiling of Continue Reading