September 23, 2023
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Speeding car driving ahead of ambulance hydroplanes in Kerala

Although it is illegal to block the path of an emergency vehicle, there are plenty of instances of cars refusing to move out of the way. An example would be a sedan blocking the path of an ambulance while also attempting to pull off a stunt before skidding off. A video of the incident in Kerala has incensed online users recently.

A white Toyota Etios is visible in front of an emergency vehicle in a dashcam footage uploaded by the Ambulance Life YouTube channel. The vehicle is seen driving even though it is pouring severely and a siren can be heard blasting.

The ambulance stays in the same lane as the driver keeps the siren blaring in the hopes that the other motorist will move aside. The sedan keeps driving at a high rate of speed while avoiding other automobiles, trucks, and even two-wheelers. It starts to slide on the slick road after a while.

Before the sedan strikes the divider, the driver can be seen briefly losing control of the vehicle as it twists on the slick road. If the car’s driver and occupants suffered injuries, it’s not obvious from the footage.

On social media, people praised the ambulance driver for keeping a gap while travelling at a high pace, but they berated the sedan driver for travelling at a high speed in the rain without obvious cause.

Many drivers urged people to inspect their tyres before heading out on the roads during the monsoon to avoid hydroplaning. Others called for harsh punishment for individuals who drive carelessly and endanger lives.

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