May 21, 2024
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‘Science Quest’ admission is open at Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad

IIT-Pakkad-08-Dec-2016‘Science Quest’ admission is open at Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad, a residential science camp is coordinated by the Institute, for ten days from 15 to 24 of May 2019.

Total of 30 students will be selected from schools across Kerala and Coimbatore.

The camo centre to inspire a spirit of interrogation and analytical thinking and love Science and Mathematics in students. The camo is expected to offer a platform for interactions between students from and other researchers at IIT Palakkad. There will also be interactive sessions on diverse topics in Engineering, Science, and Mathematics and many other hands-on workshops, scientifically conceptualised.

The applicant will be analysed of students currently studying in Class XI in Kerala or Coimbatore and should be in either one of the science streams.
Applications can be submitted online at based on the terms and conditions.


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