November 30, 2023
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SC quashes petition challenging CBSE’s move to conduct Class 12 Economics re-examination


The top court of the country, the Supreme Court of India, has today quashed all petitions which challenge the CBSE’s decision to hold a re-examination of Class 12 Economics paper.

Earlier, there were reports that the examination questions of Class 12 Economics and Class 10 Maths were leaked. On the wake of that, the CBSE decided to conduct a re-examination in both these subjects. Later, when the board found that the alleged leak had no impact on the Class 10 Maths examination, it revoked the decision to conduct the Class 10 Maths re-examination. But, as it was suspected that the question leak affected the Class 12 Economics examination, the board stood firmly with its decision about the Class 12 Economics examination.

Several students, in the aftermath of the leak, has organised serious protests across the country, holding placards saying; “Don’t play with our life”.

Challenging the CBSE’s re-examination decision, nearly five petitions have been filed before the top court.

Quashing all the petitions, the court has observed that it is the discretion of the board weather to organise a re-examination or not.

Some petitions have pointed out that those investigative agencies which is presently investigating the leak is not competent enough to handle such a serious case demands a national wide probe.

Will the authorities launch a CBI probe into the issue?


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