June 27, 2022
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Sabarimala Issue: Tantri family to file review petition


In an attempt to overcome the difficulties occurred to continue the age-old tradition of the famous hill temple Sabarimala that prevents the entry of all women aged between ten and fifty inside the premises of the temple, after the declaration of the sensational Supreme Court verdict that all women of all age group have the right to worship in the place of worship of their choice, the Tantri family, which traditionally manages the rituals and traditions of the South India’s most popular temple, has decided to approach the top court of the country to file the petition seeking the review of the controversial verdict, which badly hurts the sentiments of a large section of people in the Kerala society, and which indirectly paves way for several political games at the cost of people’s peaceful existence.

Notably, several political parties, particularly the Congress Party and BJP, has come forward to support the peaceful protects organised by the common people to express their disappointment over the SC verdict.

The actions of the political parties, including those of the ruling party Communist Party of India (Marxist), are seen through a sceptical eye by many.

The big question triggered at the government is: why is there an undue haste in implementing the order of the court. Unfortunately, the government has not yet succeeded in giving a convincing answer to this question. Actually, that is where the problem lies.  

Anyway, it is important to avoid the interference of political forces in this issue for the peaceful existence of the society.  



Vignesh. S. G

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