November 30, 2021
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Resort in Kumarakom converted its pool into fish farm

Till the crisis caused by Covid-10 pandemic gets over, a resort in Kumarakom converted its swimming pool into a fish farm.

After the arrival of tourists stopped due to the lockdown, in the first week of June Aveda Resrts deposited 16,000 fingerlings of Karimeen (pearl spot) in the pool.

The resort is also aiming to engage its staff and make use of the pool which is billed as the largest in Kumarakom through the fish farming.The pool is spread over halfan-acre, which is 150m long and 15m wide.

“After lots of discussion, we decided to start fish farming as an income source,” said Jyotish Surendran, the resort general manager.

The experts of  National Centre For Aquatic Animal Health, Kochi, had advised the resort before starting the fish farming.

To source fingerlings from hatcheries in Pampa, Alappuzha, .Vaikom, among others, more than 2 lakh was spent by them.

The Karimeen farming in a swimming pool was a novel idea. said K G Padmakumar, director, International Research and Training Centre For Below Sea Level Farming, Kuttanad. “Initiatives like these will be helpful in meeting the expenses of establishment during Covid times. Once the tourists start arriving, they can return to their business,” he said.

For Karimeen farming as crystal clear and transparent water will foster the fish growth,so the swimming pool suits for the same, Padmakumar said. “The quality of water is maintained throughout. Feed is artificial and not like farming in ponds where cow dung and other natural materials are used as feed,” he said.

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