September 17, 2021
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Reservation for Economically Backward Section wins the hearts of many


Many, mostly upper caste people, have welcomed the bill, which grants special reservation to the economically backward section of the country.

The reservation is the long-standing demand of most upper caste communities. In the recent past, Jats and Patidars have organised severe protests in their strongholds, demanding the same.

Though when introduced in the parliament the bill has been supported by almost all political parties, outside the parliament some of them have criticised the timing of the move. The critics are of the opinion that the bill is aimed to win the support of the upper caste communities in the upcoming general election.

The prime question the ruling now faces is why the ruling shows enthusiasm to introduce the women reservation bill as much as it has shown to introduce the economically backward section reservation bill.

A political observer says that most political parties fear to raise a serious objection to the bill due the fear of the backlash from the Hindi heartland electorate, which is dominated by the upper caste communities.

It is assumed that the saffron camp is likely to win back whatever they have lost in the latest assembly elections in the Hindi heartland, in which they have been thoroughly defeated by the opposition camp, mainly the grand old camp.

What is the politics of this new reservation?    


Vignesh. S. G

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