February 26, 2024
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Rain batters Karnataka

Severe rain has turned the condition of lives of people in the Indian state of Karnataka difficult. The Northern Karnataka is worst affected, though the other regions in the state are also affected. The incessant rain has disrupted the transport facilities also. The concerned authority has ordered the closure of the educational institutions in the affected region, especially the northern region. As many as 200 recue personals have been deployed in the affected region by the state government.

Karnataka is not the only state which is suffering due to rain. In Maharashtra, the things are not different. For the last few weeks, certain rural regions of the state have been experiencing severe rainfall. Goa has also experienced the impact of uncompromising rainfall. In North also, the things is the same. Today, Delhi has woken up to rain. Lately, similar stories were reported from the North East also, especially from Assam. In Kerala, red alert has been declared in certain vulnerable regions. In short, the entire country is experiencing the impact of rain in one way or the other.

Rain is not an unusual phenomenon in the country. One of the biggest wealth the country possesses is rain. It is what that fuels the country’s agriculture industry which provides livelihood to the majority of its population. What the country needs to learn now is how to manage rainfall. Once it masters that art, rain will no longer bother the country.

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