August 6, 2021
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Protest erupts in Turkey against ‘Femicide’

Severe protest has emerged in Turkey against ‘Femicide’, after a woman was stabbed to death in the country by her ex-husband in front of her child.

The incident happened when the women came to a cafe along with her ten-year-old child to meet her ex-husband.

It was a heated argument emerged between the woman and her ex-husband regarding the custody of their child that led to the crime, as per the statement the culprit has given to the police authority.

The video showing the brutal murder, in which the woman is seen screaming I don’t want to die and the child is seen saying please don’t leave me, is going viral in the social media platform.

A women right group, We Will Stop Femicide, does not see this as an independent incident. As per its opinion, it is not an independent incident, and in the first seven months of this year alone as many as 245 femicides have happened in the country.

The group mobilises the people against femicide. In the coming days, the country is expected to witness severe protest against the issue of femicide. The group views the issue as a severe social issue.

Femicide is a new word developed to give a gender-based angle on the topic of homicide.

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