June 22, 2024
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Plane part tested for MH370

UNIQUE TIMES - Plane part tested for MH370

UNIQUE TIMES – Plane part tested for MH370

French officials have reported that the plane part that was being washed up on the French Indian Ocean Island of La Reunion might be that of the flight MH370 that went missing. Malaysia is sending up a team to investigate the remains that were found on the island which is far from the search area. The Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 had been missing since March 2014 which was on its way to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur with about 239 people on board. The Experts have stated that the remains that were being found in La Reunion might be that of a wing from the 777 aircraft. The Australian Infrastructure Minister Warren Truss reported that if the remains were found out to be that of the MH370 then the resting place of the aircraft might be in the southern Indian Ocean. The search teams will be focusing on a 60,000 sq km area off the coast of Western Australia where it might have crashed down.


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