May 25, 2024
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Photography, Men And Women Sitting Together Banned In Jamia Masjid Srinagar

The management of this city’s renowned Jamia Masjid has issued a notice requesting men and women to refrain from sitting together on the mosque’s gardens and forbidding photographs inside the building. The Anjuman Auquaf Central Jamia Masjid posted a notice warning against entering with photographic equipment all around the mosque compound.

“Photographers or camera persons are prohibited to take any kind of photos or clicks inside the mosque. Even equipments used to click any kind of photos are totally disallowed and need to be stopped at the gate forthwith,” it read.

Additionally, it forbade bringing food within the mosque.

The management of the mosque from the 14th century gave the security guards prompt instructions to carry out.

“Nobody is allowed to have lunch or any kind of eatables inside the mosque. As such, visitors need to be stopped at the gate itself,” the notification read. If there is a separate area in the mosque for women, they are permitted entry.

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