August 14, 2022

Passive smoking leads to several serious disease conditions: Researchers


Smoking is one of the dangerous habits. It causes several serious diseases, including cancer. The International agencies and all sensible countries have taken serious policies to bring down the number of smokers.

We all know that passive smoking is as harmful as smoking. Researchers have repeatedly warned those who have the habit of smoking that smokers are not only harming their health with their bad habit but also putting the lives of those around them at the state of high risk.

For those smokers who have not still understood the point which the researchers have been trying to convey for last several decades, they have discovered one more reason to convince them.

The new reason is that “passive smoking in childhood may put girl child in the risk of developing ‘Arthritis’ later in life”.

Literally, we do not gain anything from this irresponsible habit of smoking. But, we or those around us may lose many things if we continue this.

Think rationally! Quit smoking!


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