April 13, 2024
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Opinion: Justice still far for Unnao victim


A couple of days before, the car, in which the Unnao victim, her advocate and her relatives were travelling, collided with an unidentified truck. The accident claimed two lives and left the victim and her advocate badly injured.

The victim is fighting a serious case against one of the politically powerful persons in her region. Everyone knows she is fighting a tough battle and her life is in danger.

Why she wasn’t given proper protection? Couldn’t this have been avoided, had the victim, her lawyer and her family given proper protection?

A relative of the victim alleged that the political powerful person against whom the victim is fighting the case was the one who plotted the accident.

In a letter to the top court, the victim herself complained that she had received several threats from the relatives of the politician.

This is not the first time a politically powerful person has been accused of misusing his influence to defeat his opponents. Also, this is not the first time that a politically powerful person has been accused of misusing his influence to clear his name off a serious case registered against him.

A person in the seat of power always does such things, as when he is in the seat of power his only aim is to remain in the seat as long as possible.

It is in this situation that a society should interfere. The society should not let this to happen. It is its duty to do so.

In a democratic country like India, society has a huge role to play. What happened with the Unnao victim and her family must not repeat. The Indian society can ensure that; it must ensure that.

Justice for Unnao Victim

Vignesh. S. G
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