February 9, 2023
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Natural tips to whiten skin

Most of us want our face to look whiter and brighter. It is our obsession with white skin tone that all major face cream conglomerates exploit. Why do you want your skin to look brighter and whiter? None of us may have a proper answer to this question. The question deserves a serious rational introspection. But, not all are thinkers. Right! So, not everyone understands the language of intellectuals. It is ok! In this scenario, the best thing that can be done to save those who fall prey to the unethical advertisement campaigns launched by the conglomerates to exploit the people’s obsession with white skin tone is to help them find natural methods to quench their desire to become whiter. In this edition, at least five natural tips to whiten skin are suggested. Enjoy reading!


Yogurt is a by-product of milk. It is a rich source of lactic acid. Indians use this product to make a variety of dishes, mostly traditional dishes. It is its bleaching properties which make it a perfect one to change the colour of skin.

Apply yogurt on your face. Leave it there for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the mask using normal water. You can also add lemon juice into the mixture to increase its effectiveness.


This fruit is considered as the king of citrus fruits. It is not only good for body, but also good for skin, especially facial skin. It is a rich source of Vitamin C.

It can be used in two ways. It can either be consumed in the form of juice or be applied in the face in the form of thick facial mask, or in the form of both. If you prefer the former, drink at least a glass of fresh orange juice a day. If your preference is the second option, apply orange paste on the face and wash it off after 10 to 20 minutes. For best result, use both options.

Orange is a strong bleaching agent also.


Gram Flour

No other items can guarantee a positive change in your skin texture as confident as gram flour. Its high effectiveness is due to the presence of high concentration of various nutrients. It removes excess oil from skin, but retains adequate moister.

Apply gram flour paste on your skin. It can be made by mixing gram flour to normal water or rosewater. Leave it in your face until it dries. Rinse it off with water. The result can be experienced in few weeks.


Honey is a perfect bleaching agent as well as a moisturising agent. It also has some anti-bacterial characteristics. These peculiarities make it the most preferred natural face mask. It not only improves skin tone, but also removes dark spots and scars.

Apply honey on your face. Rinse it off after 20 to 30 minutes. Do this almost every other day. For more effectiveness, little lime juice can be added to honey.


Lemon is the cheapest item which can be used to improve your skin tone. A lemon only costs Rs. 3 or Rs. 4. It is a rich source of Vitamin C. It also contains several nutrients.

Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice. Softly apply lemon juice on your face with that. Leave it there for few minutes. Clear it off with clean water. It is very effective. Do this at least 3 times a week.

Actually, there tips are not suggested to give an impression that people with dark skin tone is inferior to or less beautiful than people with white skin tone. In reality, dark skin is more healthier than white skin. The concentration of melanin pigment in dark skin is much higher than the concentration of this pigment in white skin. Higher the concentration of this pigment greater is the strength of skin.

No sensible one defines beauty in terms of skin colour. Everything God made has a unique beauty. But, only sensible ones can see it. Be Happy! Be Confident!

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