January 21, 2022

Miss Queen of India 2012 Contestant Profile- Pragyan Pradhan

Name: Pragyan Pradhan
Age: 22 yrs
Height: 5’ 7”
Pragyan Pradhan
Hobbies: I read a lot of anything and everything, basket-ball, I indulge in lot of creative and social work, love spending time with my pets, traveling is always a treat ,visiting holy places, horse riding, socialising and clubbing, Adventure sports, talking to strangers and getting to know more of their culture and lifestyle, I’m a food freak and i have some seriously innovative recipes.
Strength: My strength and my weakness, my family tops the chart in both. However I dream and believe in achieving them. My ability to maintain the balance between black and white.. I guess these are what I can talk as my strength assets.
Weakness: I am good in making friends.. which is turning out to be my greatest weakness lately. I trust people very easily but I guess I’m learning from my mistakes now. Darkness again adds up to my next weak point.. but I know how to switch on the lights..
  • Mountaineering
  •  Athletic fields
  • Martial arts
  •  Miss fresher and Miss ethnic of Msrpuc2007
  • Pursuing BE in Electronics and Communication.

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