May 21, 2024

‘Mamangam’: In The new poster Unni Mukundan as a brooding warrior

‘Mamangam’ had a beautiful surprise in store for Unni Mukundan on his birthday on Sunday, and revealed the character poster from the M Padmakumar directorial.

In the poster we can see Unni’s character Chandroth Panicker bowing down with a sword in his hand, against the backdrop of a sunrise (or sunset). Unni earlier said, “My character Chandroth Panicker, is a guy who along with the other chaavers live in a war space and hence have a different mindset. The physicality and intensity are very different in Mamangam, considering it is set 400 years ago when life was harsh. Though it’s based on a true story, it has fictional elements and even the dialogues have to be narrated differently. All of these were very new to me.”

While working out for his character, he said, “When you think of a warrior, it comes with a certain amount of cliche. He must have a buff physique because he is a protector. So, when the film was offered, I wanted to make it look different. I don’t think I have dedicated this much time and effort for any of my other characters. I was never asked by the makers to get into a particular shape; it was a personal choice. I wanted Chandroth Panicker to look like someone whom you didn’t want to mess with.”

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