July 14, 2024

Making millions from YouTube Channel

Making millions from YouTube Channel - Unique Times

Making millions from YouTube Channel – Unique Times

An unidentified individual or group responsible for uploading videos that simply show a woman opening Disney toys made an estimated $4.9 million last year, more than any other channel for 2014, according to OpenSlate, a video analytics platform that analyzes ad-supported content on YouTube.Almost nothing is known about the person or people behind the channel, DC Toys Collector (DC), which exclusively features a young woman in intricately painted nails removing the toys from their packaging and then assembling them. The account did not respond to a YouTube message.Created in 2012, DC now features more than 1,600 videos and gets 380 million views a month. Its most viewed video, with more than 172 million streams, is called ” Play Doh Sparkle Aries Elsa Anna Disney Frozen Magic lip Glitter Glider Princesas Magic Clip.” It was uploaded just this July.

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