August 6, 2021
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Makeup tips

There is a party that you like to attend. Or a family function. Or you are getting felicitated yourself. You like to look nice and radiant in this party. A lot of people see the process of applying makeup as something that takes and they tend to overdo it. You don’t want to look a grunge in that sense. There is intensity in simplicity as well. So, here are some makeup tips that you need to keep in mind.

Lipstick and nail polish should be the same colour 

If you are wearing pink lipstick then apply pink nail polish, red for red, and so on. The appearance will look better and contrasting colour will make the appearance more tangled. Apply the outline of the lipstick which itself should be able to blend in with the lipstick colour and make sure that you apply it as simple as possible for the better blend with your facial beauty. You just need to enhance the colour of your lips not necessarily the lipstick as such. Apply nail polish on the previous day or at least 5-6 hours before going to the party as it will be needing time to settle down and for you to scrap off the extras which spread on the skin. Avoid wearing nail polish while applying other makeup unless you feel that you can handle it from getting damaged.


When you wear plain coloured clothes, don’t wear similar coloured makeup. For example pink for the plain pink dress, red for red etc. It is better when the colours contrast in that sense. Wear dark coloured makeup for light coloured clothes and vice versa.

Cream and foundation 

When you wear cream and foundation, make sure that apply the same on your neck or else the face “mask” is obviousand will look awkward, especially in photographs. Don’t apply too much of foundation after applying the cream. The idea is to help the skin glow but bring it down a notch as skin’s natural colour is any day and better and it should go.


Eye makeup is the most important part. More vibrant your eyes look, less cream you need. Apply outline along the edge of the eyes and brush the eyebrows. Adding glitter and highlighters are optional. Make sure that the highlighter blends with the skin such that you won’t be able to point it out at first look. After applying a single line, just brush it along the eyebrows. If you want, you may thread the eyebrows based on how you like it to look like.


As per the current trends, for long earrings, you need not wear necklaces but wear simply looking ornaments set for salwar kameez with intense designs or gowns. At the same time, design jewellery will look great in plain clothes. Contrast works here well. Make sure that you apply makeup before wearing the attires and ornaments as the makeup needs time to settle.


So, have a great time!



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